The Purpose of the DEXA Scan

These days, there are a lot of doctors advising their patients to take the DEXA scan. This test is one of the most useful scans that you can ever get because it allows you to detect early signs of bone problems. DEXA scan mainly functions as a scan that lets healthcare professionals look into your bone composition. Through this procedure, you will know whether your bones are weak or not. You need to know the actual structure of your bones because it is how you can determine whether you are at risk of fractures and developing serious bone problems in the long run such as osteoporosis. Get more information about ge oec.

Through the DEXA scan, you can figure out your bone density so you can apply the necessary treatments for such health problem. When your bones are extremely poor when it comes to density, there is a higher chance that they can get damaged easily. Since your bones are thinner, they are more fragile and susceptible to fractures and breaks even though the impact is not too strong. Many doctors these days require their patients to get the DEXA scan most especially if they are at higher risk of developing bone problems. The elderly also needs to take the DEXA scan because they have a tendency to get weakened bones due to old age. For more information about the c arm, follow the link.

With the help of the DEXA scan, you can also determine whether you are at high risk of developing osteoporosis in your later years. When you have early signs of osteoporosis, your bones even lose their density, which means that they become more fragile as time goes by. That is why many doctors recommend most of their patients to take a good source of calcium every day to strengthen their bones. That is true most especially if the results of your DEXA scan shows that you are experiencing early signs and symptoms of osteoporosis. Increase your knowledge now through visiting this site

The DEXA scan is not only helpful in diagnosing bone problems and weakened bone density because even when a patient makes progress in bone health, but it will also be evident in the DEXA scan. That means that if you have a bone problem, it is not enough for you to take the DEXA scan once. When you are undergoing treatment, you may have to keep track of your progress and monitor the efficiency of your treatment with the help of the DEXA scan. Therefore, you might need to take this test now and then to monitor your overall bone health.

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